Breaking the Myth that Creative Professions – and making Money do not go hand in hand

When I grow up, I want to be an artist!”

When a child expresses this desire, more often than not, (s)he will be greated with something along the lines of

“oh honey… that’s a lovely idea, BUT…”. Then follows a speech along the lines of
“you’re going to need a real profession if you want to make a living”.

This is where the heart of the problem lies.

In the common collective mind, Creativity is seen as a Hobby, not a Profession.

On top of that, there is also some kind of belief – both in the public eye, as well as for Creatives themselves – that making money from a creative process is not defendable because we’re “having fun”, when there is as much “work” work in a creative profession as any other.

And last, but not least, there is currently very little (if not no) business training for artists in today’s design and art schools. So even in our education system, there is no link made between learning the creative skill and how to convert that skill into an income.

Do you know any other professional body that apologises for making money from their work? Where, in the collective consciousness, it’s completely acceptable to undervalue talent, or worse, expect to receive the fruit of someone’s trade for free?  So why is it OK in the creative world?


Changing these beliefs starts with us – the creative professionals

As long as we – Creative Professionals – don’t believe that our work has value,

and that we don’t know how to market and sell our work, this state of affairs will continue indefinitely!

The solution lies with us.

And here, at the Art of Business, we’re on a Mission to achieve this change!

“People nowadays know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”
-Oscar Wilde

The ART of BUSINESS program

Today’s Creative and Art education teaches us technical and creative skills, and sends us out into the world full of hope and confidence in our talents.

And then what?  How do we start making a living?

Many of us end up struggling and barely getting by, taking part time, or full time office or sales jobs to make ends meet… or worse, we give up on using our talent all together to make a living because it’s just “too hard”.

But it doesn’t have to be like that!

That is where the Art of Business comes in! Our program fills the gap between your talent, and all the amazing clients that want to work with you, but who don’t know about you yet. You will finally learn how to transform your Art into a source of Income.

What you will learn

The program is built on the proven Sales & Marketing system Book Yourself Solid, and the powerful use of Body Language Science to give you all the tools to getting more clients, and knowing how to communicate using powerful body language.

During the programme, you will work weekly one-on-one with Danielle Libine, a professional photographer and designer who has successfully set-up and ran creative businesses across the globe.

You will learn how to:

  • Market Yourself and your Art or Services to attract ideal clients
  • Learn how to communicate your vision and talent
  • Price your creations and products perfectly
  • Have simple sales conversations
  • Develop communication strategies that support your vision
  • Learn how to use body language to get your message across.

At the end of the program, you will have created a solid sales and marketing system to stand on, and will have created a systematic approach to getting more clients, so you can get back to doing what you love best!

Who’s this for?

Graphic and Web Designers, Photographers, Dance instructors, Acting schools, Fashion designers, Vocal Coaches, Fine art instructors, Music teachers, Hair Stylists and Make-up Artists, etc…

If “creativity” is an important part of your profession, and you want to learn how to get more clients, how to do marketing in an honest and practical way, and get paid decently, then this program is for you!


“My biggest Take Away so far is the program is making me think outside the box, think further and beyond my comfort zone. ”
-Nadia - Graphic Designer


All Sessions are delivered in person at our office or via Skype / Google Hangout.

First meeting to establish your needs is free and without obligation.

à la carte

  • If you just need help with a few aspects of your marketing and sales, this one is for you. We will tailor a few sessions around your specific needs, working one on one.


  • The full program contains five modules, but your business might not need all of them. When only taking separate modules, this is the one for you.


  • To get the full benefits of the system, it’s important to go through all the steps! When you really want to take your service to the next level, this is the one we recommend.
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Your Coach

Danielle Libine
Danielle LibineArt of Business Coach
Danielle Libine is both a Coach and a Professional Photographer & Graphic designer with a background in corporate Finance and IS. She’s also the author of A photographer’s Guide to Body Language. After successfully setting up and running creative businesses in Asia and Europe, and hearing the same stories of struggles from many artist friends – be they musicians, authors, photographers, painters, graphic and web designers and jewellery designers – she decided to go on a mission to help artists make a decent living and change the unfounded beliefs that Money and Art cannot go hand in hand. She believes that it’s time that Creative Professions be valued at their full worth, and that the power to do that is in our hands.